Lift your Eyes

This march is build on the traditional Nordic song “I lift my eyes to the sky” but it also include some of my own composed music.

All people know that life is not always easy to live. Sometimes we struggle with problems and troubles. This piece of music is an urgent request to people to lift there eyes and look above all these troubles and problems. I want to encourage people to look at the positive things in life and most of all to turn there thoughts to God and pray to him.

The first part of the Swedish song “I lift my eyes to the sky” goes like this:
“I lift my eyes to the sky and put my hands together. You beloved God who are the children’s friend, I turn my thoughts to you.”

Description: March
Score size: Medium
Price: 41,5 € (+ 6% VAT in the European Community)
Swedish price: 399 SEK

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