In the spring 2007 a Salvation Army band from Stockholm, “Vasa Band”, asked me if I wanted to write a new piece of music to there upcoming CD production. I accepted there challenge and started to compose the piece “Priority” which I built upon the Irish Christian song called “Be thou my vision”. In October 2008 the CD release took place in Stockholm and this is one of the band members comments of the music in the CD-label:

“Be thou my vision”, is the phrase that starts the tune which this piece of music is based on. It is a prayer to God to keep focus and at the same time a tribute to our God who does everything right. The prayer is based on our need for God in all areas of our lives, as our wisdom, shelter, power courage and as our savior.

I believe that every human being will find that life has so much more to it if we let God into our hearts and seek His humbleness. God will help is to keep focus on what is the most important at hand. When we take one step back and give time and praise to him he can let us use his divine spectacles. This is sometimes easier said than done and the music clearly illustrates the struggle we can have when we want to put God first in our lives and make the right priorities.”

Description: Concert Music
Score size: Large
Price: 61,5 € (+ 6% VAT in the European Community)
Swedish price: 599 SEK

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