My experience of life is that it’s not always very easy. All of us have our problems from time to time, sometimes big and sometimes small. This piece of music describes such times in life. My intention with the music is to show people that there is a God who takes care of us when difficult times like this occur. There is a God who wants to help us through our problems and sufferings.

The first part of the piece contains a soft and beautiful theme, stands for the love of God. It tells us about His care and power to restore people’s lives. After a while you can hear that the music is becoming more dark and sinister. This theme stands for the problems and hard times in human life.

After a while the dark and sinister theme slows down and the first theme of the piece is played again. This time it’s the trombones that play the theme and all this happens to describe every person’s possibility to seek God and his care in times of problem and suffering.

Now you may think that this soft part describing the love and care of God is the ending of the piece but it isn’t. As many of us know, life and relationship with God isn’t always that easy. You don’t always get restored and helped immediately when you turn to God. Sometimes the restoration gets delayed and the disappointment of this is what I want to show in the music by letting the dark and suffering theme be played again. This second time the theme is more intense and after a while you can hear an escalation which leads up to a terrible climax.

After this the intensity of the music goes down and new and bright harmonies start to sound. The glockenspiel and the cornets play hopeful tones and the rest of the brass fill in with warm and full toned accords. This part of the piece grows into music full of joy and happiness. This turn-around part of the piece stands for the restoration in a person’s life. Notice that the new and bright theme is similar to the dark and struggling part of the piece. Actually it’s quite the same theme but in a lightened version. With this I want to say that all the bad terrible things we’re going through in life, God can turn into something good and let us make use of it.

At the end of the piece, the first theme comes back again. This time the theme is presented with a feeling of sparkling worship to the Lord. The Lord is worthy of our worship because he restores and delivers people in different ways. The whole Christian message is about people getting rid of their chains and being liberated.

Description: Concert Music
Score size: Large
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Swedish price: 599 SEK

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