The Music

The┬ámusic is listed below and if you want to read about the music you just click on the name of the piece.┬áTo order a piece of music click the button “How to order” in the menu to the left.

"All the Way"Solo, trombone07:26Medium
"David"Solo, tuba12:48Large
"December 24"Christmas Music01:54Small
"Friendship"Solo, cornet07:40Flex.
"Full Salvation"Concert Music05:50Large
"Fanfa to Jesus"Concert Music01:54Medium
"Flowing Wind"Light Style Music01:34Small
"Follower"Light Style Music05:57Medium
"He who Comes"Christmas Music04:45Medium
"Heart of a Salvationist"Concert Music14:00Large
"Here I am" Reflective4:52Medium
"Jesus, Most Beautiful Name"Solo, cornet04:17Medium
"Joshua fought the Battle..."Light Style Music03:56Medium
"Joy to the World"Christmas Music01:36Small
"Lift your Eyes"March02:57Medium
"Message of Grace"Light Style Music05:35Medium
"Moving Forward"Light Style Music02:22Small
"Next Step" Light Style Music03:00Large
"Northern Bonds"March03:52Large
"Open up"Light Style Music01:54Medium
"Priority"Concert Music09:02Large
"Restoration"Concert Music09:29Large
"Soul Winner"Concert Music02:15Large
"Swedish Spring"Medley08:12Large
The Lord is My ShepherdReflective04:40Medium
"The Water of Life"March04:04Large
"United in Christ"March02:45Medium
"Uskavi 2000"Light Style Music01:52Small
"We Shall Win"March02:49Medium
"World of Wonders"Concert Music12:37Large
"Worship of my Heart"Reflective06:50Medium